Lake Huron North

Collaborating to improve water quality and habitats in and around St. Marys River and Lake Huron’s North Channel.

Collective impact: Maximizing the efficacy of individual organizations and communities

Lake Huron North (LHN) is a network of organizations who strive to improve water quality through collaboration and community-based stewardship. We work together in a coordinated effort with local community groups, individual volunteers, landowners, and the public service, to protect and improve overall water quality and habitats in and around the St. Marys River and West North Channel of Lake Huron. We always welcome collaborations with others in our region, especially underrepresented persons, and organizations. Contact us [link to page] to inquire about potential partnerships!


The goals of LHN are to maximize the efficacy of individual organizations and communities, to increase local capacities to respond to threats in the Lake Huron basin, and to provide information related to our stewardship efforts. Although our actions are local, we consider our global responsibilities as stewards of some of the greatest freshwater bodies in the world.

In 2021, our partners collaborated to achieve…

Save the ocean
of habitat improved
0 km2
trees and shrubs planted
0 +
of shoreline restored
0 m
people reached
0 +

Some freshwater streams in Ontario can be saltier than the ocean due to winter road salt use

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Current Projects

Re-naturalization (trees and shrubs)

We periodically support our member organizations in their efforts to improve or renaturalize public spaces using trees and/or shrubs, depending on the area being planted. In addition to these efforts, our members also often have their own tree planting campaigns in which different kinds of trees are distributed to members of the public free of charge.

Cattle exclusion fencing

When cattle have direct access to waterways, they often overgraze and trample shoreline areas, which destabilizes them (makes them prone to erosion) and increases the amounts of sediments in the stream.

Water quality monitoring

With LHN’s support, the Central Algoma Freshwater Coalition has created climate change local adaptation booklets for free distribution across Algoma Region.

Keep Current

Comprehensive and up-to-date relevant news coverage pertinent to Lake Huron North, aggregated from different sources.

Locavore Dinner Fundraiser

Join us at Stokely Creek on Saturday, January 28th for the Locavore Dinner, an afternoon of delicious local food and outdoor fun! We’ll have cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and more. All funds raised from the event will support Lake Huron North’s environmental stewardship projects. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to support a great cause and enjoy an afternoon out in the beautiful winter wilderness.
We will have 2 types of tickets available for the event.
The afternoon trail pass ticket includes: An afternoon of skiing and snowshoeing at Stokely Creek with a warm drink and treat.
The Locavore Dinner ticket includes: An afternoon of skiing and snowshoeing at Stokely Creek, fireside appetizers, and a delicious dinner featuring the finest local food.
2:00 pm: Check-in at Stokely Creek Lodge and get ready for a fun afternoon of skiing and snowshoeing.
2:30 pm: Begin the afternoon with Nordic skiing or snowshoeing through the rugged Algoma Highlands wilderness. Along the trails, you will see frozen waterfalls, snow-covered hardwood forests, and giant icicles forming along the exposed Canadian Shield.
5:00 pm: Gather outside by the fire for fireside appetizers and drinks.
5:45 pm: Make your way inside the lodge to get comfortable by the wood-burning fires.
6:00 pm: Meet in the dining room for the Locavore Northern Nordic Dinner, crafted with local ingredients from Algoma and northern Ontario. The dinner will include a signature drink, appetizers, and the main course.

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